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Therapy of ADHD disease

Children who are suffering from ADHD face with difficulties in their concentration and therefore can not always cope with majority of school assignments. They make negligent mistakes, do not pay attention on important things and do not listen to explanations. Sometimes they are excessively mobile, spin, stand up and make a lot of unnecessary actions, instead of being sitting quietly and concentrating on their studies or other activities. Of course such inappropriate behavior is unacceptable in the class and in the most cases creates problems both at school and at home. Today there are a lot of drugs that are able to affect the nervous system thereby eliminating the ADHD disease symptoms. In a current article we will compare two medicaments for ADHD therapy that are the most popular nowadays. This is Adderall and Vyvanse. By comparing these meds you will be able to choose the most appropriate one for you.
Both Adderall and Vyvanse act as amphetamines by stimulating a nervous system. Preparations cope with symptoms of ADHD by increasing norepinephrine and dopamin output in the patient’s brain. An increased amount of such neurotransmitters can overcome an ADHD problem and make your child be more attentive and plodding.

Choice between Vyvanse and Adderall

A preparation called Vyvanse belongs to a group of medicamnets that are called central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. They are always appointed for therapy of ADHD disease among children whose age is higer than 6 years and adult people. Its active ingredients reduce restlessness and improve attention among adults and children who behave hyperactively, and who are easily distracted and impulsive. Vyvanse is one of the components of general therapy program for ADHD, which also consist of psychological and social components of therapy. Vyvanse is a prodrug, which does not have any curative effect until it is metabolized in an organism and turn into dextroamphetamine. Because of Vyvanse is an amphetamine drug, its use and dosage should be under strict control in order to prevent addiction. This medicament is produced in the form of capsule which doctor appoints to take every morning. Components of Vyvanse capsule are inactive until you take it. After entering an organism Vyvanse turn into its active form and gradually becomes its action. An active effect of this drug leads to 14 hours. Pharmaceutical company New River developed Vyvanse as a new drug for the disease of ADHD therapy with low potential of dependence. Current drug opens a new era in a medical way of overcoming the previously mentioned diseases.

Adderall system of treatment is similar to the Vyvanse. This medicament is also an amphetamine drug that increases a number of produced neurotransmitters in human’s brain. Unlike Vyvanse Adderall is produced in two froms: capsules and tablets. An action of tablet form of Adderall is not so long as its capsulated form. According to instruction Adderall in capsule must be taken one time per day, while its tablet must be taken two or even three times per day depending on the doctor’s conclusion.
Cost of both these medicaments is rather high, but the one of the Adderall’s advantages is that it is available in a generic form. Generic drugs are the medicaments with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. Hereby, generics are preparations which have the same composition of active ingredients, dosage form and efficiency as an original products, but does not possess a patent protection. On the grounds of this fact a cost of such equivalents is significantly cheaper, while its action is the same. However it is up to you which one drug will suit you, the main point is that you shouldn’t economize while purchasing these drugs. If you buy a med in order to save money without thinking about its quality, it may cause irreparable harm to your health. You should primarily evaluate the quality of a preparation.

The effectiveness of action of both Vyvanse and Adderall is similar. They both efficiently eliminate the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’s symptoms by improving patient’s concentration and his attention. It is difficult to itemize specific pros and cons in action of each of current medicaments, because their work mechanism is the same. A main difference in their use is that for someone Vyvanse for example will suit better than Adderall or vise versa. The reaction to the drug taking may differ among this and that people, so someone can feel himself better when taking Vyvanse, while other prefers Adderall. It is very important to discuss with your doctor a right preparation selection together with its correct dose.

Side effects
Due to very similar way of action side effects of these two preparations are also very similar. Majority of side effects from these drugs are small, but it is basically depends on a dose of a meds taken by patient. High doses provoke stronger side effects. Here you can see mostly widespread effects:
decreasing of appetite, or its loss,
Some patients can feel a mild abdominal pain and headaches,
Nausea and/ or vomiting.
In very rare cases at high doses people may hallucinate or feel paranoia attacks. As well if you have some problems with high or low level of blood pressure you must notify your therapists in order to prevent a risk of appearance troubles with heart.

Ultimate choice
When making a definitive choice between Adderall and Vyvanse everybody should take into account that their effectiveness in treatment ADHD diseases is equally high. Actually a main difference between these two medicaments is in their dosage and duration of action. You also can add to it a difference in their prices because of availability of Adderall generic. These meds have different interaction with other medicaments, so please consult with your doctor which one will fit you prefrably, by informing him what other medicaments you take. A quality of previously mentioned drugs’ action is proven by a lot of patients suffering from ADHD disease and by great number of couples who cured their children with current medicaments.

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